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April 12, 2012

Fashion File... Polished

Painting your nails is such a fun way to bright and pretty no matter what you have on.  Polishing your own nails is easy and cheap. There are a few places in Charlotte that offer a mani-pedi for $35 Mon-Thurs (Polished in South Park and My Bella Spa), but a new bottle of good nail polish costs less than $10, and you can do your own touch ups. You also don't have to have long nails to look trendy.  Short colorful nails look amazing.

So here are some polish trends for this spring.  (I stole all these pictures from Refinery29.com).

First of all, if you are going to paint your own nails, splurge on this top coat.  It dries super fast and gives you a thick glossy finish.  I never paint my nails with out it.


Neon colors are so much fun.  Don't be afraid to put them on your finger nails too.  Just make sure your nails are not too long!


Nude nails are always a great way to look finished and natural.  The trend right now is to match your polish to your skin tone.  One article I read said, "this look lengthens your hands."


Glittery polish is great!  It looks fun and doesn't chip as easily (the con to this is it can be kind of hard to remove).  Make sure it looks super glittery, not just shimmery. 


And if you are wanting one of these hand-painted design looks, try these Sally Hasen stickers.  I have bought them at Target and Walgreens.  They are about $9 for 16 stickers and I was able to use one sticker for every 2 toes or fingers.  They were surprisingly easy to work with and stayed on my toes for at least 2 weeks.  They are also easily removable with nail polish remover.  They come in designs and solid colors so if you are not so great at painting, these are a great alternative even if you don't want a crazy design.

There you have it!  Get to painting becasue flip flop season is upon us!


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You inspired me to buy some nail polish.

Thanks Holly! I love your Fashion File!

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