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April 11, 2012

Easter Family Pictures

Since we were all dressed up for Easter, I could not let our family go undocumented.  My husband was so gracious to come over to an outdoor area behind our Blakeney building between worship experiences on Saturday afternoon.  He changed from a white shirt to a pink one just to match the kids.  Now that is a great man.  The very talented Cheyenne Schultz was so kind to take our picture, and thankfully, everyone cooperated.  The shoot was short and sweet and Cheyenne got so many great pictures.  Here are just a few...


PS. I am so flattered that several people have asked me where my skirt came from.  I actually found it at Anthropologie (in store not online).



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I admire your beautiful family and love that you share stories and pictures with your church family:) I hope to have a family as beautiful as yours some day! Love, Nichole

Wonderful pictures! It is such a Blessing to see Gods love in vivid color. Your blog is inspiring... Keep it going! Gods continued Blessings!

Nettrea Robinson

I just love the top left one of the boys. So stinking adorable :) And yes, love your skirt!!

Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful family. I am honored that you include your church family like you do. Thank you for being a strong example of true family values. I hope you had a wonderful Easter and I look forward to seeing those handsome young men the next time they get dressed up. :)
God Bless to you and your whole family,

Andrew Smith
Elevation Church Norwalk Ext Site

Wow! What awesome family photos! The love is just bursting forth in every shot! What a wonderful testimony to the power of the love and light of the Lord Jesus Christ! May God continue to bless and prosper you!

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