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February 02, 2012

You asked... Filling gaps

A while back I did a series where I invited people to ask me questions.  While it seems as though I abandoned the questions that the kind readers asked me, alas I have not.  I am bringing it back today (can you guess I was at loss for what to write?)

So Ashley asked: What is it like being married to a focused, driven person when you are more laid back in personality?

I really like this question.  Really only in the past few years would I consider myself a laid back person.  It's almost like the more focused and driven my husband has become, the more laid back I have become.

Have you ever seen the scene in Rocky where Rocky describes his relationship with Adrian?  Rocky says, "She got gaps, I got gaps, together we fill gaps."  I love it!  That is what a great marriage is about, filling gaps.

Does my laid back personality ever clash with his drive?  Of course, but we make a conscience effort to compliment each other.  My hope is that at the end of our lives, he will look back and say that I helped him relax and enjoy the crazy ride.  And that I will look back and see what an amazing ride I got to experience with him.


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Love the "gaps" scenario! Most times people see the wife of a pastor as the more laid back one but in reality, both personalities are a lot the same (especially as time goes on). I am seen as the laid back one in our marriage and in the church because he "sees" him in the pulpit every Sunday and as the leader of our church. But we really are the same!

Thank you so much Holly for sharing this ;) This is really confirmative and encouraging ;) Thank you for being such a wonderful God-fearing woman. You really are an example for me personally.

thanks so much for the posts..it helps to know you're on our level... "filling the gaps" ... love it !

I think this is an interesting questions because I know my husband and I are different yet similar. He's more driven and I am the laid back one. I believe that even in the difference like you mention Holly that you can learn and grow from each other. It's easy to connect difference in a negative aspect. I know that even in our growing up and experiences are different, yet what I felt like what both my husband and I might of lack or desired when we were younger, the Lord made sure we had everything we needed in our lives. That's the beautiful thing about life period because where there are gaps, he fills them with exact what we need. Have a wonderful day! :-)

Awesome! The Rocky quote was on point! I couldn't have found a more perfect line to describe my marriage as well! Thank you for being a faithful, faith-filled blogger. I look forward to reading them every week! Xoxo

Awesome! I love it. Just goes back to yin and yang, symbiotic relationships and what not.


Thank you so much for posting this! I'm 20 years old and I currently have an 'interest' who fits that description of 'driven'. I am definitely more laid back...I have wondered if that could ever work. I suppose it won't work without work! Thank you!

How do I know it was meant to be for Holly Boitnott and Steven Furtick to marry? Holly just used a Rocky reference to explain how their personalities compliment each other.

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