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February 29, 2012

I can change me


I am excited today because tonight my small group is starting back!  My friend, Heather Bishop, and I co-lead a small group for young married women.  Tonight we are beginning to study What's it like to be Married to Me? by Linda Dillow.

This book is excellent.  I love marraige books that center around me changing.  What is the point in me studying a book that just makes me focus on what my husband needs to do or not do?  Only God can change my husband.  But I can change me.  And sometimes, when I change me, I find that God changes my husband.

Great book.  Get ready H2H, we begin tonight.


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My small group is starting this book next week per your recommendation. We can't wait!

I have to agree with the title of this post. I really believe that there is no one more capable of changing you than yourself because no one knows you better than yourself and its a true fact...

Thanks for the recommendation. I will be getting this book and hope we can use it in our church and HOME as well.

Awesome! A few of my girlfriends are in your group and speak highly of it. My egroup is just starting your last study on 'For Women Only'...good stuff :) Have a great week, Holly.

I do love a marriage book that makes me sort through my actions in our marriage instead of finger pointing.

How exciting! I read this book 2 months ago and it was such an eye opener on how I am in my marriage and really challenged my perspective towards my husband. And my hubby appreciated my better attitude towards different situations. I got a rose bubble bath and massage out of it :)

Hey Holly! I love this! I have been trying to decide if I should do a ladies study on marriage or if we should do a couples marriage study. Do you know of any books that are good for couples?


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