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February 01, 2012

Give Away: Kisses from Katie

Kisses-katie-bookMy friend Angie recently gave me this book, she told me this was my kind of book.  And boy was she right.  I read it in record time. 

Kisses from Katie is the story of a young girl who simply said yes to God one day and then kept saying yes to Him each step of the way.  Katie moved to Uganda for one year when she was 18 years old.  Today she is around age 22, still living in Uganda, mother to 13 adopted African girls, and director of Amazima, a ministry that sponsors children, feeds the hungry, provides vocational training and disciples new believers.

Katie's story is a living example of audacious faith.  I loved it so much, I want to give a copy away.  Leave a comment with your name below.  I will close the comments on Thursday and select a winner.  (And if you don't win, you can purchase a copy for yourself at here.).  You can also read more from Katie on her blog.


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Sounds like an amazing read!!

I've heard this book is great! Would love to read it!

Thanks for sharing! It sounds like a great book! I will have to get a copy :)

Sounds like a great book. I love to hear how God is working in young women's lives.

I would love to win this! I have heard her story but haven't read the book yet!

Thank you so much for sharing the link to her blog! I've only read two entries and already teared up! It's amazing how God is using Katie, someone only two years older than me, and it inspires me to do more, love more, and hope more! So, thank you! :)

It's amazing how young people are beginning to step out to do something out of the ordinary as young people. What an amazing story!

Sounds amazing! This book looks great :)

Wow! That sounds so awesome!
It's amazing what God can do with one life totally surrendered to him! It certainly isnt always easy! But it's always worth it, because every time you step out it not only brings you closer to God, but it brings others closer to him too!! Looking forward to the amazing things God has for me this next semester! He is so GOOD!
Would love to read this book as well!
PS. thanks so much for writing these blogs, I love reading them when I get the chance to! Bless ya!

Praise God for her willingness to serve in such a mighty way! I was reading her blog recently and it was so inspiring! I would love to have a copy of her book. :)

Love it! Thanks!

I would LOVE to read this book...I too am stepping out in audacious faith in many areas of my life, and this would be such an inspiration to read!

Lacy Usry:)

Oh, I have been wanting to read this. Thanks for the giveaway.

I've heard great things about this book.Would love to read it!

I would love to read a book like this because I am at a point in my life where I am learning to say yes to whatever God wants and less of what I want. Soon I'll graduate from college and I hope to be able to have the faith to say yes to whatever God has in store for me :)

I have a friend who had her life changed by living in Uganda for 6 months. To see someone with this much faith is inspiring. I hope I can grow to be a woman of this character! Thanks for doing this! I love reading your blog!

I have been wanting to read this book! A friend of mine is doing the world race and right now is in south america. She read this book and said it shook her to her core. I cannot wait to read it!

I have wanted to read this book for quite a while!

I think this book would be perfect for my friend that teaches in Rwanda.

What a wonderful story this must be. What a wonderful life for one so young. I will definitely read this one.

I look forward to reading this book. After a mission trip to Kenya this summer, I continue to pray for the African orphans I got to hug while I was there.

Thank you for sharing this book. I am so excited to read her story. My daughter just turned 22, has spent the past two summers serving with a missions organization in the heart of Washington DC, spent her winter break in South Africa (loved it there) and at her young age, wants to change the world one person at a time.

Love following your blog Holly and being able to listen to your husband at work each week! I cannot wait to read this book, because this girl is totally me! I want to be able to do this!

I would love to read this book!

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