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January 03, 2012

Don't let January get you down

As of yesterday, it is no longer Christmas in the Furtick home.  Elijah was not happy about this.  He asked me why we couldn't leave our Christmas decorations up all year.  I told him because then they would just be decorations and they wouldn't be special.

It is funny the feeling that January brings.  A feeling of discontentment that is motivated to change. You aren't happy with your appearance so you join a gym or begin a diet.  You are not happy with the organization of your home so you begin to de-clutter.  You don't like the spiritual state of your family so you make a goal to attend church more regularly.

The problem is, often, I don't want to do the work that it takes to make the change.  I would rather sit around and talk about the change or think about it, or hate it, rather than actually do something about it. 

I think January brings out two kinds of people, those who want to change and won't (they get depressed), and those who want to change and will (they get results).  And for me the solution is now.  I can live in the theoretical world of one day when, or I can get up and clean out a closet and feel good when I lay my head down at night.

Don't let January get you down.  Start today, start small, but start today.


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I never looked at January that way before, maybe that's why people say the get the winter time blues near the end of January.

So true!!!

Thanks Holly. As a pastor's wife I also find January is a time to be proactive and plan in some family vacation dates real early in the game before the ministry madness takes over! :) Appreciate your blog.

I love this! I am headed upstairs to tackle one of many closets that need cleaning out! I am starting TODAY :) thanks for the motivation

NICE! I really like this.... and even though I have ALL 3 little Lamps home today....I am GOING to clean those two cluttered tables...even if it takes ALL day! That is what I am talking about...baby steps...at 39... funny, but workable! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Thanks for this- exactly what I needed today! :)

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