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September 26, 2011

Monday Morning Commentary

We kicked off our series, Hebrews XII, today and after being out of the country for several days, I gotta say it was good to be back in the house of the Lord!  My husband's message was called What's Going to Stop You (it's not over, you just stopped) and it was based out of the first few verses in Hebrews 12.

He talked about how Hebrews 12 is a about endurance and he gave us 4 things that might stop us from believing...
    1. You lose your frame of reference
    2. You get weighed down or tripped up
    3. You lose sight of the object of you focus
    4. You lose sight of just how close you are to victory

I got a reality check this week with my frame of reference.  Spend a few days in a third world country and you will reset your frame of reference.  When you see several hundred kids with no toys to play with and shoes that don't fit, you will come home with a renewed vision to teach your children about gratefulness and generosity (and you will preach to yourself about it too).  (More about Haiti later this week).

I also loved the the final part where he talked about losing sight of how close you are to victory.  He said "It's not over unless you stop."  Don't stop.  Don't stop.  Don't stop.  The glory of God being revealed in my life to the world around me is at stake.  Don't stop.

I don't have time to tell you about the part where God is the author AND perfecter of our faith.  And the part where he talked about Jesus being the joy set before me.  You will have to listen to it yourself.

You can watch online at the Elevation Experience or later in our archives.

Have a great Monday.


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Ever since high school my favorite 'life verses' I guess you could call them have been Hebrews 12:2-3. They always stood out to me, and assured me I could press on when I felt like giving up. But Man, Pastor Steven showed me so much more this week with just those few verses! I think I am going to love this series!!! I am excited for what is to come.

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