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August 11, 2011

Give away: This is How We Change the World

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In order to celebrate our 5th anniversary, this year, our amazing video team created a documentary on the life of our church.  You may have read when I talked about it here.

Back before we even moved to Charlotte but were meeting with our core team about planting Elevation, there was a short baptism clip from Willow Creek Church, in the Chicago area, that really inspired our team.  I remember crying watching the video hoping and praying God would reach people through our church like He was doing through Willow Creek.

This past Sunday, we baptized over 1400 people at our church. It was an amazing weekend for our entire church but is was especially powerful for me because it was the fulfillment of a dream that we had before our church was even born.  And at the risk of sounding pretentious, I hope and pray that our documentary has been an inspiration to church planters all over the nation.  Not because of anything we have done, but because of the testimony of the power of God at work through a group of people willing to take a risk in order to reach people far from God in our city.

I would love to give away a copy of our documentary today.  If you are a part of a church plant, and think our documentary may be an inspiration to your team, leave a comment today.  We will close comments tomorrow evening and announce the winner some time on Friday.   (And if you don’t win, you can purchase a copy on our church site). We have also made it available to watch online for here for free, this week only! 


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We are a team of six (four from Portland, OR and two from Chesterfield, VA) who are on a mission to create a soul winning church in Baltimore, MD. We are still in the beginning stages, but could really use some encouragement. Thanks.

Hi Holly! I don't know if it's too late to enter but my team and I would love a copy of the documentary. I have our Pastor and several others watching Elevation each week. We have all been completely inspired by Sun Stand Still and everything that Elevation is doing. Thank you for all that you do.

JEN Harvey
Communications & Outreach for Experience Church and New Creation Evangelism, Inc. dba: Judgement House

Hi Holly

Well first of all I hope I get this comment in on time before you post the winner.=)

All I can say is "WOW" God has really been doing a mighty work thru Elevation.

I and my husband saw the documentary a few months back. It was so inspiring and amazing and would love to share with our staff. How I wish we would have seen something like this before we started pastoring. But I guess you can say, it's never too late.=)

Thank you so much for sharing with the world and giving hope to many that God has already called and is calling to be church planters.

Many Blessings to you & your family & Elevation Church

Hey Holly,

I watched the documentary of Elevation Church when it was on the Elevation Experience a few months back and I was weeping while watching it. God has truly blessed Elevation and my church plant, 24/7 Christian Church, will be blessed by seeing it. I would love a copy of it to show to our team.

Thanks for being so willing to share with everyone all that God is doing in your midst.

Hi Holly,
I have watched this documentary and would love to win a copy. I live in NY and I have mentioned Elevation Church many times you see I have never visited but I listen to sermons online, read Pastor Steven's blog and yours, of course, and I would love to share this with friends. Thanks for the giveaway!!

Hello! Thank you for giving out this opportunity. I am the pastor of a church plant and I absolutely LOVED this documentary when it first came out. I honestly must say that I watched it probably about seven times because I just couldn't get enough of seeing GOD move in a mighty and powerful way.

The church plant that GOD implanted in me is still very much in it's baby steps. Only about eight months ago was I able to realize that this is what God has planned for us. I've had my core team watch it just for the sake of realizing that with GOD all things are possible and you and your church are living proof of that. I want them to be able to never hinder GOD or put HIM in a box because of what they've heard or what they've previously thought. I want them to know that HE is more than capable of doing all that HE has promised and fulfilling even more dreams than anyone has ever imagined. Honestly, this DVD taught me a lot but it had me in tears as well. I was so pleased to see exactly what uninhibited obedience of what GOD has put in you come to fruition in a mighty and powerful way. Honestly, watching this video was like watching a mirror. It was like GOD was telling me, "This is what you can be, if you just gave your all to me." I was floored. HE is willing to move mightily on our behalf if only we'd move out of the way. I smiled, this is what GOD had planned for me, for us...to see greatness on HIS behalf, not by our doing but by HIS.

Everyone I know benefitted from watching this docu and I feel that by having them watch this periodically alone and as well as a group that we could have an instant reminder of GOD's faithfulness through what HE's already done here.

Would love this documentary! Our church is praying about a second location/church plant that my husband and I would be leading. Expecting big things to happen. Your blog is inspiring and encouraging to read. Ministry is hard work, but so worth it to see God's faithfulness always win.

Hi Holly!

My husband and I just planted a church in Memphis, TN. We just launched ten weeks ago and would LOVE to have a copy of the Elevation video to show our core team. Right now, in the early stages of the church it is so easy to believe the lies that Satan so often tells you that you will never succeed and the church will never grow. Elevation and what the Lord has done through you, Steven, and your core members has been an inspiration to us. My husband and I loved seeing Elevation develop from the beginning in this video. We had the honor to attend a service two years ago and have enjoyed following Elevation's growth and life changes over the years. Please pick us :)

Also, thanks for all the time you spend on your blog each week. It is an inspiration to women, wives, mothers, and pastor wives everywhere!

This documentary is so powerful. Having a copy would be very useful as I go about laying the foundation for Elevation Global Raleigh.

I can't wait to watch this, thanks for sharing. My husband and I have been apart of 2 core teams that have planted two different churches. We feel a call one day to plant our selves.

I'm part of a church plant in High Point, NC called Renaissance Road Church. It's been an incredible adventure to partner with these Spirit-led leaders from Day 1. We've now been at it just at 4 years and it's been amazing to see how God has been moving in our midst. What started as a group of around 15 people has grown to around 150-200 each Sunday! We've had an explosion of youth and college-aged kids begin attending and, this Saturday, we are starting a food bank for our community. At R2, our mission is to take our faith outside the confines of our building and homes and into the world!

I think you can hardly call what we have right now a church plant...

but four people from CT are clinging to the vision- wanting desperately to see God move in a fresh way.

Hey Holly my husband is a Youth Pastor and a future church planter. As soon as he found the documentary online about a month ago, he showed it to our team of youth leaders. It majorly impacted my husband and our team. Your latest baptism film had me weeping as well and I hope we will one day have an impact on a city like ya'll have.

Two of my close friends and I started a Bible study for the youth of Lancaster, SC. My best friend Kendall, is studying to be a pastor, he hopes to be the pastor of a mega-church just like Pastor Steven. Hopefully, our small Bible study will help change the hearts of the youth of our small town. I would love to get this free documentary for him. Thank you for this opportunity to get the DVD. :)

My husband is currently the pastor at a church in Oklahoma and we have started the process to plant a church in Jacksonville, Florida. We are super excited and can't wait to see what God had in store for His kingdom, for the area of Jacksonville, for us, and for our 4 kids. We are excited that God choose us to be apart of HIs work.
On a side note, I would like to thank you and your husband soooo much. You both have ministered to my husband and I so much in the past 8 months. It is amazing how much both of your blogs have matched up to exactly what we needed. Thank you both for allowing God to us you to touch lives.

Hey Holly I am so encouraged and challenged by what God is doing through all of you at Elevation Church. We started Ignite Church in Greenville NC on January 10 2010 and God has blessed us to be reaching a little over 600 people every week. Our God is so awesome and I know that we have only just begun to reach the thousands of people here that do not know Jesus. I would love a copy of the Elevation Story because you guys have been an inspiration, encouragement and source of creativity. Please give us a copy and thanks for all you are doing!

We are in the process of building a church in Louisiana. God has laid it on our hearts and we are watching how this dream is starting to unfold. I never imagined myself leaving my home state of Alabama but God has given me a desire and passion to reach Louisiana for Him. We watch Elevation online and I read both you and your husbands blogs daily. We actually were able to bring 18 college students from Alabama to Elevation 2 weeks ago! Elevation is an example to us that if we are doing what He has called us to do then nothing can stand in our way! God bless!!

My husband and I are in the very early stages of planting a church here in the Charlotte area! We would love to have the documentary as I know we would be encouraged by all that God has already done in this city through Elevation.

We would love a copy of the documentary! We have found inspiration from watching God's hand move in Elevation. Truly a testament of the awesomeness of our Lord! As new church planters ourselves we want to share your story with our core families.
www.aboutrelevant.com or if you want to read an amazing story of how faithful God has been in our family...

Hello Holly,
I have been following your blog for only a couple weeks. A facebook friend of mine (a fellow pastors wife) posted the link to your husbands blog and I wondered there which lead me here. I am so happy and excited for all that is happening in Elevation. My husband and I are pastoring a church in Buckeye Lake, Ohio. Our church is in a location that is "not churched." We are reaching for a demographic that knows nothing about Jesus. So many people have called us crazy for "thinking" that we can reach "these people." My husband stepped out in faith. We have reached so many people. The one issue we have is retaining a strong fondation of church pillars because they get burned out or discouraged. I would like to have a copy of your documentary to be an encouragement to our people. "Look what God did with Steve and Holly and the Elevation church. This is what can do for us right here in Buckeye Lake."


I have seen your documentary twice. The first time, someone sent me a link to it and I watched it in every spare second I had during classes. The second time, it was with the Amplify core team, a group that was chosen to plant a ministry in the heart of Pittsburgh where there are over 58,730 college students. Because I had already seen the documentary, I paid attention to the gasps and laughter of my team members who were witnessing your story for the first time. And I don't believe anyone walked away even thinking the film was about Elevation. I think we all left thinking, "We've seen what God can do, we believe in what He says, and we're taking the city of Pittsburgh."

The city of Pittsburgh is home to 6 colleges, which means tons of challenge and life-change. When we began looking for a space to hold our meetings, we were told that there are already several religious groups on campus. Why should we waste time creating another one? We believe that a "calling" from God is hardly necessary- we read our mission in Matthew 28. So now we cannot, with clear conscious, stand by while thousands of college students pass through our city without experiencing the grace of Jesus Christ. We, a group of 20-somethings, are believing for the salvation of a city. As Pastor Steven says, we're all about the numbers.

Every week, we are adding to our group of volunteers who will go down to Pittsburgh and serve in some (possibly random) capacity. And I just keep thinking, "I want this video to be viral among the leaders at Amplify." Not because we think Elevation is awesome (which we totally do), but because there is nothing like witnessing a miraculous move of God. It can't be described any other way. There is no way that we, many of us college students ourselves, can take the city of Pittsburgh for God... without God's presence among our team.

We'd love to have a real copy of your documentary (since I think the one we watched together was saved from that link.) And although we don't need to see it to believe it, we'd love even more to see God's power in this city.

Church plant Dynamic Church had our first core team meeting this past Sunday night. Praying to reach the hearts of those in Chattanooga, Tenessee!

Our church would love to be inspired by God working through you guys! We are about to start 40 days of sincere prayer for God to move on our behalf to reach people far from God. What a great way to start it off with some inspiration from you guys!

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