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May 10, 2011

Give away, a touch of color

Last week in my fashion file I talked about how a bright colored bangle is a great way to add color to any outfit (especially if you like to wear a lot of black like I do).  The next day, one of our staff members, Caroline Black, gave me these beautiful bracelets. 

Caroline makes them and sells them on her website, Hems and Hers.  Aren't they beautiful?  I wore one of them when I preached this past weekend and loved the touch of color it added.

I am so excited that Caroline was kind enough to give me a few more to give away to you!  To enter, just leave a comment, I'll choose two winners later this week.


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Accessories are very important
They complete our ensemble, it’s true.
A long chunky necklace worn with just the right style of shirt
And don’t forget the cute earrings to match too!
But, this season there’s another trend,
Something new that’s on Holly’s popular fashion list,
It’s colorful, chunky bangles,
And I’d love one to wear on my wrist!

It is so nice to know that someone else loves to wear black like I do! The bracelets are breath taking!

Very cute!!! Love them.

Love those! Caroline is so talented!

Wow these are super cute!

These are beautiful! i would love to win one!


I love you, Holly Furtick! I think you, your fashion and your blog are da' bomb!!!!!!

OOO! Beautiful! I wear black a lot too.

I would love to win! I need to jazz up my outfits!

Gotta love some color to dress up my summer pregnancy wardrobe :)

Hi! These bracelets are really awesome! It would be really cool to win!
BTW,.. You did a great job this weekend! The message really touched my husband and I!! Thank you!

The bracelet looked great on Sunday & I wear a lot of black too :)

Thanks for the chance to win Holly & Caroline!

What fun give-a-way!!!

I enjoyed your sermon! Posting because you were awesome and for the bracelets. Thank you!

I watched your sermon & you did a fabulous job!! :-)

Thank you for the opportunity to win the beautiful bracelet.


I love the bracelets and definitely need color in my wardrobe!!

These are so beautiful!!! Pick me!

I love them!

I LOVE these bangles!!! Please please please pick me!!!

I absolutely love these bracelets!!!!

Love the colorful bracelets and really enjoy reading your blog.

Thanks. Can not wait to listen to your message from Sunday.

Loved your bracelet this past weekend!! You did great preaching and look fantastic too!

thanks for the opportunity to win these bangles! love them!

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