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April 07, 2011

You asked... be yourself

Amy asked... Is it hard for people to see you as yourself, or do they find it hard to seperate you from some of the different hats you wear? (pastor wife, etc.._)

I am not sure if I can separate myself from my different roles.  I think that the different roles we play in life (wife, mom, friend, daughter, pastor's wife), play a huge part in defining who we are.

I have shared before that I struggle with being a people pleaser.  I would be lying if I said I didn't care what people think about me, or that I didn't desire to live up to everyone's expectations of me.

As best as I can, I need to tell others who I am, not the other way around.

The best thing I can do for my husband, my family and our church is to be confident in who I am, who God made me to be and nothing else.  I need to know what I am good at and what I am not good at.  I think it is an insult to God for me to spend my time and energy trying to be someone I am not.

When you know who you are, what you are good at, what you like, what your priorities are etc... you are able to say yes to the right things and no to the rest.  Then you live with the peace that you are being who God called you to be, not a slave to who others think you should be.


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So glad I stumbled upon your blog today. I haven't gotten past the 2nd post and I already love it. My husband and I planted a church 2 years ago and I've had my share of personal struggles. Identity is one of them. I feel like I am not the "stereotype" pastor's wife and because of that, I feel like a failure. I don't always like my role, but who can I tell that to? I hope to be encouraged and refreshed as I read your blog! Thanks for being real and transparent.

As best as I can, I need to tell others who I am, not the other way around.

I am Facebookin' that one! Thank you for the inspration this morning.

Love it...so very true.

"I need to tell others who I am and not the other way around." OH YEAH! So true! After being a pastor's wife for about a year and a half, I have found myself not knowing who I am... feeling suffocated and trapped. That statement is so freeing.

well stated. thank you for posting this. i think we can all take something from this into our lives weather you're a pastor's wife or whatever. All women and people need to remember this.

wow...love this. How I strive to do just what you have described.

Holly, your transparency in your daily life is one of the biggest blessings you have passed on to other ladies and to the church. I truly adore the candid pictures and stories of your family-good and not so good. By letting us get to know who you are, we love you for who you are! Praying joy and happiness in your life today.

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