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April 27, 2011

Fashion File... Spring trends for 2011

This spring, if you are feeling the need to add a few new pieces to you wardrobe, here are a some trends you may want to consider... 

High waisted wide leg pants (or jeans).  Don't worry, if you recently bought your first pair of skinny jeans, they are still in style.  I personally love the high waisted pants.  To me, the most flattering jeans are the ones where the rise hits just below you belly button.

Wide leg

Bright colored bangles.  Plastic, metal, or wooden, this is a really cheap way to have fun with your outfit.


White, white, white.  Also, try mixing shades of white, like cream colored trousers with a bright white top. 

White on white

The must have orangy color- I don't know exactly what you call this color, coral, salmon, rust?  Any shade in that family is definitely something you want to add to your closet this Spring.



Comfy clothes.  Don't you love to hear that?  Here is a quote from an online article in Glamour magazine...

Michael Kors said “It’s time to get rid of all those painful heels and too-tight dresses.” Come spring, stores will be chock-full of looser, easy-breezier shapes like long, billowy blouses and swingy dresses. All we can say is Phew!


Military look.  Here are some skinny cargo pants and a great military jacket that has a feminine touch (not to be worn together, you don't want to look like Private Benjamin).

Military 2 Military

And like I said, don't worry, your skinny jeans are still in and so are nude shoes.  Have fun with it.  Happy Spring.


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I have a very hard time dressing my self. I grew up with a town boy mother and all brothers. This stunted me in my ability to look chick. By just reading all of your fashion file posts I feel as if I could go shopping now and dress my self to look amazing! Thank you! I had no idea how easy it was to revamp my closet!

I just got my first pair of skinny jeans last week...how crazy is that? Never liked how they fit me until now and I love them now.

Oh thank you!! I'm particularly thrilled at the comfy clothes category!!

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