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March 18, 2011

Fashion File is back...

It has been a while since I have posted a fashion file.  I am sure being pregnant had something to do with it.  But alas, I am no longer pregnant (Hooray!) and ready for some spring fashion.

Today I want to focus on men's fashion.  Men's fashion is currently making a big shift.  It is going from flashy graphic tees and boot cut jeans to a more plain look with clean lines.  Here are a few examples...

T-Shirts are moving from this to this...

Bad tee 1      Good tee 1


Hoodies/Sweatshirts are moving from this to this...

Bad tee 2      Good tee 2

Jackets are moving from this to this...

Bad tee 3      Good tee 3

Vests are moving from this to this...

Bad tee 4      Good tee 4

Jeans are moving from this to this...

Bad tee 5      Good tee 5

Men, think, "less is more."  Now I am not saying you need to throw out every graphic tee you own and replace them with solid colors.  Nor am I saying that you need to get rid of all your boot cut jeans.  What I am saying is next time you (or ladies, next time you are out shopping for your man) go to buy a pair of jeans, try plain, dark and slim, and, maybe buy a few solid black t-shirts just to add into your rotation.

There you have it men, don't get left behind, it's time for you to start making a change. 

(This post has been approved by the most fashionable man I know, my husband :))


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Holly, Congratulations on the new addition. Your family is beautiful!

I can't imagine anyone under 50 wearing that sweater. This is what I said about those nugg or pug or whatever boots and I was totally wrong. Do you think you'll see that sweater around? or will it fade quickly...

It's fun to see a Fashion File for men... good job!

Congrats on the arrival of Baby Abbey... girls are so much fun! She's precious!

I am glad this has the approval by "the most fashionable man you know..." haha. ;)

Congrats again on baby abbey! :D

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