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March 02, 2011

Hope Haven

All week long LOVE Week volunteers have been serving at Hope Haven working to remodel their building. Hope Haven is a foundation of recovery that provides life skills for homeless, chemically dependent adults and families within a supportive residential environment, leading to independence. They offer counseling, vocational training, parenting classes, money management and job placement.

The work started at Hope Haven on Friday night with an overnight student project and has been continuing throughout the week. Yesterday a team of about 70 LOVE Week volunteers spent 2 hours painting, putting furniture together and remodeling. Here's a few pictures of our volunteers hard at work!

1203224751_dsc_5897  1203224879_dsc_5908

I am so proud of all the work that is going into loving our city! 

Today I want to hear what you have been doing.  There are so many projects going on, I would love to hear what you have been involved in!  If you have participated in LOVE Week leave a comment telling me what you have done.  I can't wait to hear from you!





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It all started for the me with making the decor for the Hope Haven breakfast and serving the hot plates to the residents with the great youth of Elevation. It was a thrill for me to see the guest want the tissue flowers that I did for the tables. Simple craft that they wanted to take home. Then on to Crisis Assistance with fresh flowers and hot food for the people in line for assistance. Back at Hope Haven to work beside my favorite One7 kids, such fun and a blessing. Today, pastries for Urban Ministries neighbors, so enjoyed funning with those people and having to find more and more sugar for their coffees. Love, Love, Love is in the air and down of its knees all over Charlotte!!!
Finally, a bathroom makeover surprise for a very special couple. Yippee!!!!

This Sunday at Elevation Matthews was AMAZING!! Pastor Stevens Sermon was so inspiring,not to mention ALL the volunteers we had boxing some of the 1 million shoes donated by K-Mart for Samaritans Feet! I had joined Elevation Church this past Christmas Eve and have never been so excited for every Sunday to arrive each week!!! Thank You, Pastor Steven and Elevation Church for changing my life!

Our church did a similar Love Week last week - we had cleanup projects; collection projects for local food pantries, a cancer organization and hospice; helped at a domestic violence agency and at a habitat restore; the list goes on...it was awesome!

Our eGroup decided to do an event together with our spouses and kids, if they could make. We helped spread mulch, prep tests and stained benches at Merry Oaks Elementary on saturday. It's true what they say, many hands make the work light! It was a fun day.

I have gotten several other teachers at my school to do the Hope Cancer Curriculum in their classes. I am excited to see the finished work and so glad that others have decided to join me and my class!

Worked with a group of Elevators at Samaritan's Feet last night. Had a blast! I had no idea that this awesome organization did such fantastic work! Blessed beyond words!

Me and my family volunteered at Hope Haven on Saturday. Combined with all of us, we all participated doing landscaping, remodeling, handing out water to volunteers and signing volunteers in. After Church on Saturday, we also helped with Samaritan's feet. We volunteered more time on Sunday doing Samaritan's feet and the blood drive. We had a great time and we are hoping to do more this Saturday :) This is my first time involved with Love Week and the little bit I have done, I have really enjoyed!!! With my kids being able to help it also makes me one proud mama!!! :)

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