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October 28, 2010

The Holy Ghost Offering

This weekend we are taking up a special offering at Elevation, the Holy Ghost Offering.  Because our finace team plans so well, Elevation will be able to take the entire offering given this weekend and put it towards expansion (and of course giving 12% to our outreach). 

We are asking everyone to give big.  To be generous.  For some people, this will mean giving 10% of their monthly income for the first time.  For others, it will be finishing their Kingdom Come commitment.  Still others, who did not have the opportunity to participate in Kindgom Come, will be giving a generous gift above and beyond their regular committment .

My husband and I try really hard to teach our children to be generous.  This is no exception.  For the past few weeks Elijah and Graham have been earning stickers.  We are still working on our Spirit Tree so recently, everytime they display one of the fruits of the Spirit (kind to their brother, patient while waiting for a toy, joyful instead of whining, etc...), they put a sticker on their picture.

On Saturday we will count up all the stickers.  Each sticker represents 1 dime and 1 M&M.  The money will go in the offering, the candy in their tummy.  My husband and I will be giving big too.

I am praying for all of the Elevators that they would be able to experience the joy and the blessings of generosity and that it would begin with the Holy Ghost Offering. 


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