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September 29, 2010


Several months ago, God laid it on my heart to gather a small group of pastors' wives from all over the country.  I wanted us to come together and encourage and inspire one another.  Not a conference, a retreat.  I came up with a list of ladies I know and love, ladies I follow on twitter or blog, and ladies I wanted to meet and get to know.   And with the help of our incredible staff at Elevation, we pulled it off.

Last week 17 of us met in Charlotte.  We ate great food, and spent many hours talking.  We talked about church, family, ministry and everything in between.  We stayed up later than I have stayed up since I was a teenager.  We worshiped together and prayed together.  It was truly refreshing.  And I was honored that these ladies would clear their calendar to come to Charlotte for two days.

Now of course, I could not have that much wisdom in one room without sharing it with all of you.  With the help of my very good friend, Tonia Bendickson, and the video crew from Elevation, I pulled each woman aside and asked them a question I thought you might like to hear the answer too.  Over the course of the next several months, once a week, I will be featuring one or two of their interviews.  They are great.  You will hear from people like Amy Groeschel on balance and Jessica Cornelius on how to handle criticism.  You will hear from Wendy Perez and Sheila Gerald on raising kids in the ministry, and many more great, godly women on very pertinent topics.

Before I leave you I want to share one more thing from Refresh with you....
One night we had a time of worship.  I brought in my favorite speaker in the whole world, Pastor Steven Furtick.  He brought such a creative word to us that I had to share his main points with you.  He actually contacted several of the husbands of the women present and asked them what was one thing they needed from their wives.  He gave us 7 points, and although they came from pastors and were intended for pastors' wives, they really ring true for any marriage.

    1.  I need you to take care of you.
            -your health, happiness, your intimacy with God

    2.  I need you to believe in me.

    3.  I need you to encourage me.
            -I'm with you no matter what
            -I know you best and love you most
            -Who cares what they think

    4.  I need you to help keep me focused on what really matters.

    5.  I need you to make our home "base," a place where I feel safe

    6.  I need you to pray for me.
            -You know what to pray better than anyone

    7.  I need you to remind me of God's past faithfulness.


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love this!! your blog is inspiring, holly! thank you so much for all the encouraging and practical entries. what a blessing you are to so many :)

in Christ,

jennie lusko

I can't say how much this entry touches my heart. Our church is celebrating it's 5th anniversary this week. Being a pastor's wife has been such a blessing, and I'm being pulled in so many different directions (I also teach in public school & have begun a photography business that God has blessed), and I'm just weary. I've been seeking direction, and those 7 points just made things so much clearer.

I love it! I can't wait to hear what these amazing women have to say! Thanks for sharing!

Holly - I am in a day of prayer for my "Preacher Boy" today. How appropriate that I start my lunch time reading your blog!

I am sitting at my desk crying over God's goodness to show me this list from your husband's message.

Thank you for sharing.

Serving Him,

VERY good points brought out in the preaching! I am going to cut and print that one - as a pastor's wife and missionary, I need that to let me be reminded to keep focused in lifting my husband up very specifically in prayer and in "keepin' his back". Thanks a bunch! Blessings!

Ok! Seriously! Not but 2 minutes before I clicked on your blog I was telling Carlos about a plan/vision I got at church this past week. I just wanted love on local pastors wives. I feel as if the lead pastors wives are always taking care of the other PW's and they are getting nothing. Anyways I was JUST brainstorming with Carlos about what that means or could look like, and then I read this! I promise I am not copying you. :) H

Just came across your blog, and was so blessed to read the points from the message you received. Wonderful reminders for me at the beginning of my ministry as a Youth Pastor's wife. Thanks again!

love seeing these photos! it was a great couple of days i enjoyed immensely!

Love it! Thankful for you ladies and your leadership across the country. I'm seriously excited to see the interviews!!! Thanks :)

LifeChurch gal, who is a huge supporting fan of Elevation!

Thanks Holly! I needed to see this.

WOW! That sounds amazing. I'm so glad these women got to go and be refreshed - they will be better wives and mothers and do better at their jobs and ministries because they went. I'm so happy for all of you!

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