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April 08, 2010

Easter Pictures



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Wow Holly, I love the outfit you are wearing and the shoes! Where did you find everything? The blue shirt is absolutely fabulous! Love the color on you!

Wow you are so beautiful and so is your family - you must be a very proud mama ;)

Holly you look hot in a good PW kind of way. ;) I love your outfit and my favorite part are the accessories...love the earrings and bracelet. Please do tell where you got your outfit.

Love the family picture, too....you look great with your hair up.

P.S. I think the boys are adorable.

I love the shoes...lets talk outfit Ok I love the whole outfit but my favorite part was those shoes. Care to share were you got them?

Ya'll are too sweet!

Love the pics! Your outfit looks killer in those pics!

SUCH good pictures! You don't even look nervous on stage.

Look at you rockin those shoes! That's what I'm talking about! Love em!

You have such cute boys! reminds me so much of my two. Glad you had a great Easter, you all look great as always :) inspires me to go shopping LOL

You guys ROCK!!! Great choice on outfits. You all look good. BTW never thought I'd see a coat and tie on your husband.

Great pictures !! The boys are stylin' as are you and Pastor Steven. I have been at Elevation before when you had Graham on stage and he wouldn't talk. Did Graham talk this time? Also .. love your outfit. :)

Very special moments captured here. A momentous Easter! Precious.

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