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March 31, 2010

Elijah Furtick Presents: The Easter story

Yesterday Elijah came up to me insisting that I give him the keys to our car.  There was something out there he needed to get, he called it homework from church.  I showed him how to unlock the car and let him retrieve his stuff and never payed much attention to what he was doing.  He came in and got to work coloring and cutting.  Eventually he moved on to other things.

Several hours later, after dinner, he announced that he had a puppet show to do for us.  This recording is his second go at it, I just had to get it on tape.  Everything he says, he learned at church.  I couldn't have been more proud of our children's ministry. 

So without further adieu, Elijah Furtick presents: The Easter Story...



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Awesome job, Elijah! I love how he added meanwhile into it...so cute!

He is such a bright boy. I too loved it when he said "meanwhile"....awww. Great job, Holly!

I love the end of "johns" 3:16 it was soo cute! Great good Elijah!

YAY Elijah!!!! You did a fantastic job :)

Elijah... you are AWESOME! Kids like you make children's ministers proud!

& Graham, you're so cute that we can't wait until you become to poster boy for the children's ministry!

That is awesome! It's so humbling and a huge privilege to serve in QUEST and then hear stories like this!

THIS is why I love working in the Quest Large Group ministry!! Unbelievably worthwhile, THANKS for sharing, I want the Quest team to see in full!!

You did a great job buddy!!! I am so proud of you!!!

GREAT JOB ELIJAH! You make ekidz proud!

So cute! I love it when he keeps saying "meanwhile". Such a big word! =)

right on! great job elijah!!!

:) So cute. Yay, Elijah!

That was so great! Tell Elijah that Kennedy (4 too) enjoyed his version too this morning!!

This is awesome! I work on my church kid's ministry and I want to try that!! greetings holly, you have beautiful kids.

I love it when he says "Meanwhile.."

Well done Elijah!

This is great!!! Yeah Elijah!!

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