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December 14, 2009

Monday Morning (or Afternoon) Commentary


Its been quite a weekend!  We started off on Friday evening with a leadership commitment event.  400 of the leaders from our church gathered to give and pledge to our Kingdom Come campaign.  They really came through and lead the way in pledges and gifts that blew my mind!  Just the leaders pledged $1.5 million towards our first fruits offering this coming weekend.  Wow!

Then Saturday/Sunday we continued in our series with a practical and inspirational message by my husband.  I actually joined him on stage for a few minutes as he shared practically how to hear from God when trying to determine how and what to give.

I think many people think God will just magically give them a number out of the sky.  Practically, that's just not how it usually happens.  Each time my husband and I prepare a gift beyond our regular tithes and offerings, we sit down and look at our entire financial picture.

You can't make a pledge if you don't know how much is coming in and how much is going out.  If you desire to be generous, you must track every dollar that is spent.  You can make a pledge, but if you don't know practically if you have the money, all the good intentions in the world will not produce a gift.

After looking at our entire financial picture, my husband and I usually take our number, and increase it just a bit so that we give God room to provide in a special way and therefore increase our faith.

Each time it is equally difficult.  I shared yesterday that I often think about what I could buy if we weren't giving that check to the church.  The fact of the matter is, none of it is mine to begin with.  God has truly blessed me and my family and I have never given a penny that I wish I could have back.

I want to encourage each of you, whether you attend Elevation or not, to take an action step in saying no to the god of greed in your life.  Give, watch God increase you faith and multiply your gift to reach and help people who are far from Him.

You can listen to the message (Part 4 Kingdom Come) here later today.


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Hi Holly - I had to go back and find this post of yours. I wanted to be sure to post in the Kingdom Come time frame.

After Christmas Break our son Joseph came home with a book he had made in class. He is in 2nd grade. The title is MY HOLIDAY BOOK. There are different questions for the kids to answer in the book - he had to write his 3 wishes on 12/14 (during the Kingdom Come series) here are his wishes:

I wish people in Africa had fresh water because they drink dirty water.

I wish wars will stop because people fight for no reason.

I wish I could give money to the poor people because they need food and water.

I wanted you to see how Kingdom Come, the Africa video and Pastor's sermons reached all ages.

Always a pleasure to read Holly!!!

God Bless you and Elevation

Hi Holly! We are new to Elevation and we are super excited as to what God is doing! Blown away by the testimony of the leadership giving. Very awesome! :)

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