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December 02, 2009

A new system

DSC_0078Sometimes you just have to change it up, you know?  A few weeks ago, you saw Elijah describe our allowance-type system at our house (click here if you don't remember).  We started this system so that we could teach him about tithing. 

Recently he caught onto the concept of saving his money for a specific toy that he saw at a store.  He saw a toy at a store that cost $8.  He went home and together we counted his money.  He had $3.  For the next 5 days he was my star cleaner.  He was so motivated to get that toy.

I decided that $1 for cleaning up was too much for a 4 year old (although necessary to begin with).  I decided to create a chart that incorporated some of the other problem issues in our house, like having a good attitude or getting dressed with out help or whining (no whiners in your house, I'm sure).

So yesterday the teacher in me, aided by Microsoft Excel, created this nice little chart for Elijah.  At the end of the week, he gets a dime for every sticker he has.  And so far, there was a lot less cleaning on my part, coupled with a lot less whining and complaining on his part.

I know you can't see the picture very good but I created 10 opportunities for Elijah to earn a dime every day... Make bed, clean room, clean sun room, clean playroom, clear table, kind to others, good attitude, Bible verse (all he has to do is work on this, currently John 3:16, with his dad), hands to self, and get dressed.  Yesterday was his first day and as you can see, he did not score a perfect 10.  I even let him evaluate himself on hands to self, and he said he did not do that (Graham and I agree).

He won't always get a dime for making his bed, but we'll do that until it becomes habit then move on to something else.  I think change in systems is a good thing.  It gives everyone a new motivation. A few months ago, we were doing this.  Ask me in two months, and we may have abandoned this system altogether but for now this is what we're doing. 

How about you?  What are you doing, or have you been doing with your kids that works?


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This is another great idea that I probably will be using when my kids get a bit older, (they are 2 and 1). I want to thank you for posting things like this. Awhile ago you mentioned asking your son if he wants to end an activity now or in 5 minutes.. I started that with my son and boy has it made transitions easier. Of course he always picks 5 minutes :)

we have a chart for our 5 year old that we started when she was 4. there were some cleaning projects (clean bedroom/playroom) but other things like "mature mealtimes," "attitude toward others," "control emotions," "bedtime behavior." there was also "dress yourself" category...because wow, the fits that came with trying to put on clothes. it helped her realize that we expected more from her than just a clean room.

Oh, I like this!
I feel like I'm constantlyl trying to see "what works" as our kids grow and changing the approach....this is great though

Bless you for what you are doing with your children. They will have so much more confidence in themselves for the skill building you are taking the time to establish. They will be
self-motivated to get the daily tasks
done and be able to focus on the God
purpose in their life.
And your life will be blessed for taking
the time.

Hey..........waitaminnit. I recognize this system, my wife uses it with me today! ......and I'm 49!

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