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August 25, 2009

We joined the club

Scan0001Yesterday we joined Costco.  We have been members at Sam's Club for the past few years and decided to change it up.

We ate lunch (pizza and sprite) next to a lady who told me her 3 year old twins had never had soda because the sugar would ruin their teeth.  The girls were destroying some vanilla ice cream while she was talking to me.  Hmm... I'm just saying.

Anyway, here's my new card, I love it.


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We LOVE Costco! They have much more healthy alternatives to things than Sams. Your card picture is SO cute!

love costco. especially for the kirkland brand diapers and baby wipes. oh and they have the best lemon blueberry coffee cake!

from your first visit... could you tell if you liked it any better than sam's??? just wondering the difference between the two

Such a cute card. No Costco around here. : ( But my kids love to go to Sam's for the "exsamples" (aka samples). We usually make it a family event. How sad it that?

I LOVE Costco. We used Costco to cater at a theatre I volunteered at in college. They have THE BEST cookies.

haha cute card! i wish we had costco around here, i hear its much nicer than sams.

Great picture! I love how you took it with your boys. =)

This post made me smile! I love Costco's pizza, soda & ice cream...so yummy & so cheap! Gotta love the advice from strangers. :-D

They have the BEST cakes at Costco! I know it is hard to believe, but it is true! Try it out for your next celebration!

That is very funny about the lady - I was once in Lowe's food getting some Turkey and Ham and the lady next too me ordered Roast Beef. When the gentleman who was helping her said "would you like to try a slice?" she said "OH NO, I am a vegetarian..." Well she may have been but she was wearing a black leather skirt and black leather boots up to her knees...

I had to turn away because I started cracking up!!!

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