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June 19, 2009

Worth the trip

Ruth graham

A while back, my husband and I had the privilege to visit the Billy Graham library here in Charlotte.  The trip was inspiring.  Billy Graham is an amazing man who was used greatly by God.  Our son, Graham, is named after him.

Billy's wife, Ruth, is the perfect example of the phrase behind every man is an even better woman.  She is being honored this summer at the library.

This month and next month, the library is featuring an exhibit on the late Ruth Graham.  After reading this book, Ruth quickly became one of my heroes in life.  I cannot wait to visit the library next month.

If you have never been, you need to make the trip. 


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The 60th Anniversary of Billy Graham is being honored in St. Paul, MN on Oct. 3rd, 2009. The Graham Family is expected during the Michael W Smith Concert w/special guest Matthew West... :-)

This is one event you can be sure I'll be at!!! Ticket sales start today.

If some of you didn't know... Billy Graham Head Office was in MN for many years. It was quite the pleasure to meet him & Ruth!

They are an awesome couple who clearly protected their marriage through the years. My husband read a while ago that Billy Graham was never alone in any place with any women. He will always have someone else with him to make sure no one will start any rumors. What a way to honor his lovely wife Ruth.

I visited the library earlier this year for the first time and was also amazed at Ruth Graham. She was an incredible woman!

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