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May 22, 2009

One Last Mother's Day Post

Safe journey 1
Safe journey 3
Last week I was able to celebrate Mother's day with a very special group of ladies.  One of our church's community outreach partners is an organization called Safe Journey.  The Safe Journey program is for teenage mothers.  They provide case management and referral assistance with academic support, effective parenting skills, increased self-esteem, appropriate medical and childcare services in order to ensure success for the teen parent and their children.  They serve about 90 teen parents ages 12 to 20 with children ages 0-5.  The program is highly sought after with a list of girls waiting to get in.  Their high school completion rates are a huge success.

Every month they hold meetings for the girls.  These meetings offer classes, childcare, and dinner.  This month I was the speaker (it was my second time speaking to them this year).  Thanks to Elevation, I was able to bring $500 worth of gifts to celebrate Mother's day with the girls.  We had such a great time.  I spoke to them about 9 Practices of a Great Mom.  I encouraged them to model desired behavior, read to their kids, play with their kids, and develop routines.  We did a question and answer time and gave away allSafe journey 2 kinds of goodies.  From diapers and sippy cups to passies and Pull-ups.  Plus everybody walked away with a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

I can't wait to attend their graduation ceremony with my husband next month!  It's awesome to be a part of a church that supports local organizations in effort to reach out to our city!



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This is great!

This is amazing! My passion is for girls and I want nothing more than to pour into them about who they are in Christ! God is using you in many ways! Your blogs make me laugh and encourage me daily! I was telling my husband about your blogs and that you had spoken at our teenage girl seminar a few years back and he reminded me that about 7 or 8 years ago when my husband and I first started with FOCUS Student Ministry we went to a camp in Orlando and Steven was the camp pastor. I remember him talking about you....You guys are an amazing couple that God has His hands ALL OVER! We live in Gastonia and on father's day we are going to come visit your church! Very Excited:) and love love the sandels BTW:) www.simplyholly.wordpress.com

Hi Misti! This is not an organization that we started. Just one of our partners in the city.

how awesome is this!!!

is this something that your church "birthed" or just apart of??? either way you are making a difference in those girls lives.

and great book you gave away - that is my boys ALL TIME favorite!

Wow Holly! That is so awesome that Evelation Church goers supports this kind of program so well :-) The home church I attend 'occassionally' also provides to a program simular but only financially not anything physically...

Btw, I've been 'around' :-) Just been catching up on the many lovely posts from you, Pastor Steven, Sermons and recently been listening to Services done at Point North Community Church... Oh my Great Lord, He's provided some REAL lessons to ME because of you posting the link on YOUR blog!!! I've learned about 'Sacrifical Love' :-) Thank You so very much Holly for sharing all you do!!! And I can't wait to hear your sermon from Mother's Day that your hubby so kindly proudly wrote about :-)

May your days be blessed & full of Love!

What an awesome opportunity to go be Jesus to people in your community. When the world looks down on them, we "the Church" need to love them and show them our Savior. As we say in our church, "Go God!"

That is really cool Holly!

I'm late to the party on this...but awesome job on your Mother's Day message. Great delivery and lot of terrific takeaways. Bet you'll be asked to speak again. And again and again.

It's a nice post, I bet you really had enjoyed your day.

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