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March 24, 2009

1st Ever Giveaway

34578341 Recently I have been making my way through this book, 25 Surprising Marriages by William J Peterson.  The book showcases the marriages of 25 famous Christian couples such as Billy and Ruth Graham (world renown evangelist), William and Catherine Booth (founders of the Salvation Army), Hudson and Maria Taylor (considered the father of the modern missions movement) and so many more.

I have so enjoyed reading about the ways these couples truly loved and supported one another.  One of the most interesting similarities is how the women completely embraced their husband's ministry as their own.  Everything they did, they operated as a team.  Each in their own unique way, but always as a team.

I think this book should be a requirement for any woman married to a man in the ministry.  It is inspiring and encouraging.  I recently bought a copy for all of the wives of our lead staff.  When we get together this month, we will all discuss the chapter on Charles and Susannah Spurgeon.

Ok, so I am giving one away.  Next Tuesday I will do a random drawing to select a winner.  If you would like to have your name entered in the drawing, leave your name and email address as a comment on this post.  Good luck!


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Thanks for being so real, Pastor's wifes need to show that they are real people, and that they go through the same thing that normal everyday people go through!
God Bless!

I have not heard of this book, but it sounds like it would be an encouraging read!


This book sounds awesome. I have been married for 28 years to a wonderful godly man. I would love to get the book you mentioned and give it to my pastor's wife - if I don't win one - I will buy her one!

Hi Holly!

I think your blog is awesome! It shows that the preacher's wife is human! I am divorced (not by choice) and am waiting patiently on God to send me a Godly man. I know I don't fit the criteria but, I would love to read your book for future reference and also... to help pass it along to women who can benefit from it.

Keep up the blogging!

P.S. Thank your husband for coming and preaching at our church toward the end of last year! NewSpring Church

Love in Christ!
Cindy G.

Love reading your blog. Keep it up!

Am I too late?! I wanna win!!

Your words are humorous and inspiring at the same time and I so enjoy them. Thanks for the chuckles during the day & for the often-eye-opening-thought-provokers! (Not technically a word, I know...but it is in my world.) :) God bless you!

I love to read your blog. It convicts me and encourages me. My husband got to be a part of a conference call with some of your staff and was so encouraged by it. We started a church last year on in Towson MD. God is blessing and I believe he will do for us what he has done for you all.

Thanks for sharing your heart.


Sounds like an awesome book!!! Your blog is great!

I completely agree with you. This book should be a requirement for any couple who are considering ministry together, or are currently in ministry. It really put a whole new perspective on why so many ministry marriages work, and why so many don't.

I already own the book, so I don't need to enter the contest, but just wanted to say thanks for doing this, and making more people aware of this amazing book!

I would love a copy of this book = I've been reading yours and Steven's blogs for a while and I get so much through you guys. Thank you for all that you do!

Thanks for offering the chance to win the book!

Hi Holly!
Thanks for the opportunity to win the book. I am thinking about doing the same thing with our Lead Team's wives!
Thanks for all of your great ideas!


I am so excited!

This book sounds phenomenal! I hope to win!... PS...I'm loving the Glad Game idea! :)

My husband is the Worship Pastor at our church . . . and I'm always seeking ways to be a stronger support for him. This book sounds great! Thanks for thinking of sharing it, Holly.

Krista Holgate

I have been enjoying reading your blog. My husband is a 28 year old lead pastor outside of DC. He follows your husband's blog and that is how I stumbled across yours. I have started blogging recently and have been inspired by how authentic you are. Thanks for that and I will enter the drawing too. I am going to read it no matter what.

this ministry wife needs that book! thanks so much for the recommendation, better yet, the opportunity to win it!

Sounds likes a great book!!

Wow so nice to see so many lovely comments. Of course I would really like to book too - looks really great and just what I need to give me a kick in the right direction ha ha!

I've never met you but I love reading your blog!

Oh my! Look at all those comments.

Man, my mom and I were just recently having a conversation about the role a wife has in her husband's ministry and some great women like Jane Hill and Ruth Graham. I bet this book is very insightful.

i haven't heard of this book but i'm all about reading things to make me better & esp my marriage.



I love reading your blog! :-) Please enter my name in the giveaway. It looks like a wonderful book.

I am thankful today that the Lord put Mike into my life to be my future husband. :-)


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