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March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

Dad_grandma_boys_and_me 57 years ago today my grandmother (pictured left) gave birth to a baby boy, my dad (also pictured).  She named him Murrill Norwood Boitnott.  She said she didn't want anyone else in his class at school to have the same name.  She definitely accomplished that goal, I think she got the gold for the name your kid something original event in 1951. 

Two days ago was my dad's spiritual birthday, he has been a believer for 38 years.  He surrendered his life to the Lord after several years of drug and alcohol abuse.  Shortly after that, he began a life of full-time ministry.  Here are some of his accomplishments...

He pastored a church in Miami Florida for 12 years.  He lead the church through a painful lawsuit and the 6.5 million dollar reconstruction of their building after hurricane Andrew.

He raised three godly girls.  When asked what it was like living with four women, he would always answer "Its like living with someone on their period every week."

He managed to take us to 49 of the United States.  We camped in tents, pop-up trailers, motor homes and the like for every summer of my life from 4th grade through 12th grade.  He took all three weeks of his vacation at one time each year so he could drive us across the country.  One year we drove from Miami to Montana in a conversion van pulling a pop-up.  We also took our black lab too.  That trip my dad bought a portable toilet that actually flushed (too hard to explain but basically it looked like and adult sized potty chair).  He put the potty in the back of the van so he didn't have to stop every five minutes for one of us to pee.

He now runs a ministry called Macedonian Call Ministries.  He leads people on mission trips all over the world.  He recently returned from Romania where he and his team lead several boys in juvenile prison to the Lord.

The two greatest lessons he has taught me, by example, are that forgiveness is always better than bitterness, and you will never regret being generous to others, oh and, don't borrow things from your friends, if you break them or mess them up, you will have to replace it.  One more... if someone pays for your meal, you should always get the tip.

My dad has dedicated his life to his God and his family.  I am so blessed to be his daughter.  My prayer for him on this day is that he would serve God until his dying day.  That he would see that his best years are ahead him and like Caleb at age 40 say "Give me my mountain!"  Joshua 14:10-12.

Happy Birthday Dad, I love you! 

PS check back later for a more pictures


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that is a great idea to have a spiritual birthday. i have never thought of anything like that before. yeah...i wonder what the 50th state was too. it is awesome how you practically got to travel around the US in one life time and your very young. i have probably only been to like 5 out of 50!!!! awesome

wow. that's a lot of states.


OHHH, That makes me miss them so much!! It seems like only a little while ago we were all together!
What was the 50th state?

Holly, what an excellent testimony to your father & his faith. That is amazing that you've visited 49 of the 50 states.(or have you gotten to 50 yet?) Happy birthday to him.

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