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August 06, 2007

Recalled Toys

I heard about the Fisher Price recall.  I was sure this would effect us because we have so many Sesame Street toys and figurines.

Last night I went to their website and looked up all our toys.  We had several of the toys but because they were not purchased after May 2007 (the beginning of our shark phase) none of our toys had lead in the paint.  I was relieved to know I wasn't going to have to ship all my toys back to fisher price for a replacement.  Anyone with children knows that we mothers of young children avoid the post office at all costs.

The other day I was at Target trying to buy a toy and the cashier wouldn't let me because the computer was saying it was a recall.  I was mad because I wanted the toy for Elijah's birthday present and there were several on the shelf.  I asked if she would give me a discount or tell me why it was recalled.  In my mind I thought maybe there was a small piece that was a choking hazard or something insignificant to us.  She must have thought I was really obnoxious.

Lead paint is a much more serious kind of recall.  Check out the site and make sure your toys are ok too.


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