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July 03, 2007

Friendships Trays

Every other Tuesday, my friend, Amy and I deliver Friendship Trays.  Today Amy was out of town so Kelly joined me on the route with her four girls.

The kids were entertained by the Little Mermaid while we drove around our little section of Charlotte.  At each stop we would take one or more kids to the door with a meal and some juice in hand.

We left at 10am and were eating at McDonald's at 12pm.  It takes so little time and is so easy yet I feel like it teaches our kids so much.  I love to watch Elijah bring a smile to an elderly woman's face.  I love Elijah teaching that it is important to help others in need, even as young as he is. 

The kids did so great in the car.  You hardly even knew baby Lucy was along for the ride.  I would encourage more stay-at-home moms to fit this into their monthly routine.

On a different note... You have to check out my friend Amy's blog (different Amy from above).  I stumbled across it the other day and read all 19 of her posts in one sitting.  I couldn't stop reading.  Amy is a mother of a child with disabilities and she blogs about her daily ups and downs.   She is a great writer.  Her entries are heartwarming, funny and challenging.


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