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February 16, 2011


I am feeling very blessed this week.  I am very blessed.

I have great family.  I have great friends.  I am a part of one of the most amazing churches on the planet.

My kids are healthy.  My marriage is healthy.

I have a lot to be grateful for.  

And so do you.  Care to share one of the many blessings in your life?  Leave a comment, I can’t wait  to read them.


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Hello Holly:

I have been married for almost (33 years) WOW and I would not change a thing...Good or Bad. I have found in life, it's in the valley where God sometimes uses us the most. I can certainly say that God has changed me many times and it's the valley where we tend to seek him most. It has made me stronger, but most importantly; closer to God. It has taught me to trust him more and when everything else fails you, GOD WILL FOREVER BE PRESSENT! Let me share our blessing that came to us after 18 years of marriage...a beautiful daughter...who we named after both grandmothers (Constance Olivia), we will forever give God all the glory of our BIG Blessing who just turned 14 this January. When we finally gave up on having children, treatment and doctors...that's where God's plan came into action, she was a BIG SURPRISE for us and I continue to marvel over his creation. I will forever be grateful that he gave me a chance to be a mom! :) It humbled me in ways I can't describe! I am blessed with the good as well as the bad and you see sometimes we need the bad in order to grow some & trust God fully. It's always so exciting to look back and see our growth in the Lord. I can look back and see how God was carving me to be in his image and his work continues today, in order to make me more like him! Those words are sweet! Blessings, Deannie

Hi Holly,
Wow! God has been so good to us! I have been with my husband since I was 15 (I'm 33 now)! We celebrated our 14 yr anniversary in Janurary! :) In retrospect, I see how God has planned everything in my life up to this day. Getting pregnant at 17, baby at 18, married by 19 and still together. 3 kiddos later and we've grown closer as husband and wife, but more importantly closer in our relationship with our Lord! God's placed us at Elevation at the right time because if we were not there on that Saturday night service during summer then we wouldn't of known our teenage daughter was contemplating suicide. Thank you, Pastor Steven for being obedient to what the Lord placed on your heart that day!! We actually saw Pastor Steven and you driving by the Northlake area and he was hanging out the passenger window waving to us! I thought he was a crazy til we recongnized who he was and waved crazily back. We thought that was so cool that our Pastor was trying to get our attention! We are so blessed to be a part of Elevation! I am are truly blessed! We are praying for you and baby Abbey!

I feel extremely blessed to be apart of this church. I started coming a couple months ago and without this place, I would not have re-dedicated my life to God. This has been the place the brought me back to God and I couldn't be more grateful!

I have this amazing husband that allows me to chase wild dreams for God. Who has allowed me serve with Compassion in Uganda and to have made 3 trips. To gift and gift folks in need. We really make an unusual team even in our difference. Thank you Holly for allowing me to honor my man like you have honored yours. Thank you for encouraging your husband. It impacted me to hear him say how you lift him up and that he can count on that. I want to work harder so mine knows that I will lift him up

I have a beautiful baby who is 7 months old. Her smile and laugh melt my heart every time I see them. Having baby was not a "planned" endeavor in life, however, God has blessed us beyond measure. I am even more blessed because I have come to realize more and more the deep love my sweet husband has for me, and most of all--he never tries to change me!

Have a great day!
I love reading your blog!

Where to begin???...one of my miracles/blessings is being a 10 year Leukemia survivor. Thank you GOD! When I was eleven years old the Doctors sent me home to die, and after I went to Disney World for my Make a Wish, almost 11 years ago to date no cancer here! God is so good! Now I am married to my dream come true and have a perfectly healthy son. Thank you God for so many blessings! And thank you Holly for letting God use you through your blog...it is also a blessing!

My name is Toni Keen and I am blessed beyond messure! God has blessed my husband and myself in so many ways, we are the youth pastors at an awesome church and have three amazing children. When my first son was born he had a very rough delievery and he was born blue, we prayed and the doctors rushed him out of the room. We made everyone in the room pray with us at delievery and they wouldn't let my husband or myself see him for hours. When we finnaly did see him he look really bad and the doctors said that he wasn't going to make it and that if he did make it he would be brain damaged and would need help for the rest of his life. We did not accept the doctors prognosis and prayed for a miracle healing one that could not be explained away with medicine. Less than two weeks later we walked out of the hospital with a healthy happy baby boy, he is now 3 years old and is going to start school early! The doctors couldn't explain what had happened and they called it a miracle! When my daughter was born she was healthy and happy with just a little jaundice that required a prolonged hospital stay and was healed , then on Febuary 14, 2009 we found out we were pregnant again.So naturaly I was terified. The pregnancy was normal however I went into premature labor on September 17,2010 and had my little boy on September 18,2010. When he was born he had difficulty breathing and the had to insert a small tube in his chest to release extra air because his lungs had been working so hard that they punctured themselves. The doctors told us again that he wouldn't make it and again we didn't take that and we prayed. We walked out of that hospital with our little boy and he is doing very well! God has protected and healed our family in so many ways. He is truly our provider and so worthy of all the praise and honor and glory there is to give on this Earth. I thank God for the things he is doing the things he has done and the things he is going to do! What an awesome God we serve!

This blog has also been a blessing for me so thank you for being faithful. You and your husband are an inspiation to my family and I know many others. I know God will bless you and our prayers are with you and your church.

I have so many things to be thankful for that I don't know where to start. I guess I should start with being thankful for the spiritual foundation that my Aunt and Uncle gave me as a child when they were raising me. Although I have strayed over the years, I have always known where my heart lies. I am also thankful that I have a wonderful 8 y/o son and I am able to provide all of his needs and a alot of his wants.

I am so blessed!!!

I have a job. I have a job that pays me more than I deserve. I go to the best church in America (^). I am honored to serve every weekend with the best team. I have the opportunity to greet all VIP families in eKidz and tell them that eKidz has to offer. I have the best friends in the world. I have an amazing family that loves me for who I am.

God is so good. I am so blessed.

I am BLESSED because GOD gave me a SUNSTANDSTILL miracle today

My blessings: a persistent loving God who uses my troubles to improve me, loyal husband & wonderful 6-year-old son, good health, supportive friends & family, and a terrific job. So grateful my sis and brother-in-law introduced me to Elevation three years ago.

I am surrounded by blessings - my precious family, my wonderful husband,our church and the fact that we have all the things we need. I am deeply grateful every day!Still, my most important blessing is experienceing that God is in control and that He's got a plan and purpose whith my life. I'm daily learning this through the difficultys in my life, but I cling to God through it all and I'm finding my truest blessings in Him.

I'm so blessed to be surrounded with love from God, my husband, my two girls, family and friends. I give him all the praise in my life. We are blessed to have such great friends that lead us to Elevation.

I go to an amazing women's bible study on tuesday mornings that never fails to set the tone for the week. I don't feel right without it. I also can include so many of the things that you mentioned...a wonderful healthy family: husband, daugher, and son.

I am so blessed to have read Sun Stand Still , its an amazing book!Through the book I am blessed to receive a daily devotional from Steven and now able to be blessed by your blog Holly.I look forward to read both every day and it blesses me. Thankyou! I am blessed to be married to a wonderful husband for 32 years and have two amazing children who will one day serve the Lord(they dont follow him yet but I am believing they will!) I am blessed to have been given gifts in music and I love to praise God.I am blessed to be able to teach and work with lots of children who have some difficulty speaking.I am blessed that God has chosen me to be His child .
God bless

I LOVE THIS! its easy to go day by day forgetting how truly amazing God is. The sun came up today, I GOT out of bed, walking, talking and functioning! I'm blessed with family. I'm blessed to be going to college and and learning daily. Blessed to be able to touch lives while in school for speech pathology. I'm blessed with His guidance and word, and blessed to just be able to know Christ. SO blessed beyond what I deserve :)
p.s. can't wait for your little girl to get here, praying for you :) she will be so beautiful!!

I am very blessed to have 4 wonderful children. I am also very blessed to just married a wonderful man, my soulmate this past Saturday. I have always heard that things happen for a reason and at the time they need to. This is why we are so blessed....We came to Elevation (Matthews Campus) this past Sunday to hear Pastor Furtick preached and I was like I don't want to see a documentary, I came all this way to hear Pastor Furtick preach. Well Jesus knew better and he sort of hit me in the face and said "Yes you do, I have something in store for you" and boy did he. Just want to say Thank you all for the blessing we got Sunday. The documentary story of Elevation couldn't have came at a better time in our lives. We are apart of planting a new church here in Roxboro, NC called Revolution Christain Church and bringing the Greenwoods (our Pastor) back to Roxboro is a blessing we needed in our lives. Thank you Jesus! We have prayed for 4 yrs for this and Jesus saw the need and sent them our way. Seeing the documentary just helped me understand things a little more. I thank God every day for allowing my path to cross again with my new husband and this path we are walking in now is the most beautiful and blessed path you could ever be on and We owe it all to Jesus. I am so blessed!!!!

great reminder for all of us! I am soo blessed for my Wed. morning sisters that I get together with; God gave me this awesome group of believers although I'm not in the U.S.,: study of Esther, they all speak my first language, I don't have to be in "ministry mode" but rather all on same level, you know?, safe place to pour out requests of the heart, and then to pray over one anther - soo blessed!!!

I am blessed with a wonderful husband who loves me and cares for me. I am blessed (and so thankful) to have a home and to be employed in a time when so many are struggling. I'm also blessed because I go to a church I absolutely love filled with people doing amazing and wonderful things for His glory.

I am so blessed! I have an amazing husband, who just got a job after 9 months unemployed. I have 2 healthy, smart, funny kids. I have the best family & friends. And I'm so blessed to be a part of Elevation. God is so good and I'm so thankful for His favor in our lives. Praying for you, Holly, as you prepare for the new addition to your family. Thank you for your ministry & for sharing Pastor Steven with us.

I am blessed to have celebrated my daughter's first birthday yesterday!

I am blessed!

My boys are healthy,
I'm Experiencing a breakthrough in my marriage.
I thank for God for my husband.
We just purchased our first home & we r only 21 years old.
I have to say the history video on Elevation church was so touching. Makes me wanna move from San Diego , Ca to Charlotte,NC to experience the revival that is taking place.

Thank you for you beautiful blogs.
Be blessed in all u do :)

I am blessed with a wonderful, caring family that includes 3 extraordinary nieces. I do not yet have children of my own and I cherish my time with them. The oldest, age 12, has the kindest heart and excels in all that she does. The middle one, age 9, has a smile that lights up my heart and always makes you feel appreciated. The littlest, 4 months, giggles and smiles and makes the world a happier place. I am truly blessed to have them in my life!

I am blessed with being part of this amazing church too! I am also blessed in so many ways but this morning I have to thank Him for blessing me with an angel, my daughter Alex. She is wise beyond her years and blesses me and many others every day!

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