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December 01, 2009

Book Review- Miracle at Tenwek

511AyeHW3DL._SS500_I picked up this book the last time I was at the Billy Graham Library.  I have this odd love for biographies, especially ones about missionaries.  Something about reading of the sacrifice of other Christians who made a huge impact on their world inspires me and encourages me in my own calling.

I happened to be reading this book while our team from Elevation was in Africa.  No coincidence I am sure.

Its a story about the life of Dr. Ernie Steury.  A man who served as a doctor at Tenwek hospital in Kenya for over 30 years.  While meeting the physical needs of the people in his area, Dr. Steury led thousands of people to Christ.  Each person who stayed at the hospital heard the gospel.  Under Dr. Steury's leadership, Tenwek hospital grew to become a huge facility with many programs to train and teach the Kenyan people about preventative health and wellness.  The ministry eventually became supported by Samaritan's Purse, the organization we are partnering with as a church.

This is a book about a man who surrendered his life to God, and was used greatly to impact an entire people group in a region of Kenya.  Their mission statement is "We treat, Jesus heals."  It is full of stories of sacrifice, disappointment, exhaustion, miracles and life change.  Now who wouldn't like that?

You can read more about Tenwek hospital here.


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I read this book a fews back and loved it. Here is two more that I enjoyed:

A Pig in a Blanket (yes, this is the name. It is missionary stories)

Ida Scudder

I love books like this too. Thanks for the recommendation. In fact you gave me my favorite missionary biography "Evidence Not Seen."

Just this morning I was reading in Nehemiah. His courage to embrace what he had to do depsite the resistence from some encouraged me. He had a vision, gathered his team and trusted God with his whole heart. This Dr. embraced his calling and lives were changed! I would love to read this! Can you get it anywhere else?

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