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November 30, 2009

Monday Morning (or Afternoon) Commentary


I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  We did. Since my husband did all the work for his message in Africa, we got to be a normal family this weekend.  We watched football on Saturday, went on a date, and then we got to go church together (in separate cars of course!) and for only one service on Sunday! 

The message was incredible.  Our video crew at Elevation could go up against any crew any day!  The footage they captured and then edited together was stellar!  It felt almost as if I had made the trip to Africa myself (minus the 2 full days of flying and coming home with a dusty suitcase)!

My favorite part of the message was when my husband talked about our response to what we have seen.  He said we can respond out of greed, out of guilt or out of generosity.  God has blessed us and I don't need to sit around and feel guilty that I was born in America.  I simply need to respond with generosity from the blessing God has given me.

And what better place to give my money than to the work of God at Elevation Church?  I know that my money will be spent wisely and given generously to those in need in Charlotte and across the world in Africa.

You can actually catch the entire service all this week, December 1-4 at 12 pm, 6 pm, and 8pm at Elevationchurchlive.com or you can watch the just the message here at our archives (Part 2 of Kingdom Come).


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The creative/video team at Elevation is TOP NOTCH - during the service my 7 year old son leaned over and said to me "Mom, they should put this in theaters so everyone can see it!!!"

Our entire family was moved by the service - especially our two children. I loved Pastors candid honestly when he said he struggled with parting with one of his charms...and how James would probably never let it go. So powerful how something so small can mean so much.

There is such a tremendous difference "hearing" about Uganda, and actually "seeing" it. The message made us feel like we were right there!! I think our kids were impressed the most - our 8 year old announced that she "didn't want any Christmas presents this year, because those kids have nothing"! Many thanks to you,PF the other staff members (and wives) for making it real for the rest of us!

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! It always is inspirational!! Something to always take back to our church... Please let Pastor Steven know the we always find his sermons inspirational!!

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