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July 15, 2009

Things I do when my husband is out of town...

Yesterday my husband took a short trip to Tennessee with our worship leaders and Meredith.  Here are a few things I did last night that I normally wouldn't do when my husband is around.

  • Took the boys to Sam's Club for a $6 dinner and groceries (I didn't really eat, because I didn't want pizza or a hot dog, more on that later)
  • Turned the thermostat up to 73 degrees
  • Ate toast and hot tea for my dinner
  • Watched 18 Kids and Counting
  • Left a few dirty dishes in the sink.  Oh wait, I do that when he is here too

I am glad he will be home for dinner tonight.  One night is fun, much more than that gets kinda lonely.  What do you like to do when your spouse is out of town?


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I am always cold so I like it warmer

Just a curious question- the air temp..... do you like it colder or warmer than the husband? We can never agree on it either! I always make it colder when he leaves!

My hubby is with you all in Daytona with our oldest daughter at BigStuf, so I'm home with the 4 boys! I actually watch tv at night instead of doing dishes - and play catch up in the morning! We also usually take day trips as special treats when he's away because it's not really his thing (museums, etc) - today we went to a farm and went gem mining! :)

My husband went away a few weeks ago and let me tell you, there was no watching tv or having fun. My 3 week old (at the time) was crying with colic all evening and my 2 year old wouldn't nap an wanted to whine all day. Although I usually deal with these things all day - when hubby comes home at night there is at least another helping hand.
Right now I am thinking a night away for me would be nice - maybe sleep more than 4 hours at a time:)

We love to have a camp out in mom and dad's bedroom. Of course I sleep in my comfy bed.......but the kids LOVE to drag in their sleeping bags and pillows and camping out in the floor! I love it to. If there is any issue with them for any reason, I don't have to walk the floor over and over by myself....they are right there! It's gotten easier the older they've gotten to be home with them alone, but now it's a fun tradition that we just keep up!! :) The kids have something to look forward to when he's gone so it's not always so sad for dad to be gone! I tell my husband all the time, if he was worthless, we wouldn't miss him........but he's such a good hubby and daddy...there's always a part of us missing when he's gone.....but we love to make the most of it! :)

I don't think that is over the top at all. If you can make it work, awesome!

I LOVE 18 kids and counting!!! I watch it every week, next week Dolly Parton is going to be on! You should really watch it more. It's a really funny show.

My husband & I are inseparable & haven't spent a night apart since we have been married (except 1 night when our 4th child was born). I am fully prepared that we might have to one day but until then we pretty much say that if we can't do it together it's not worth doing. Is that a bit over the top???

My husband is out all this week. The kids and I ate cheetos & cottage cheese for lunch and got a couple of redbox movies for later. The boys and I always do more when Dad's gone, I figure if we're active we won't get lonely. We've been to the driving range and the pool, spent the day at Grandma's. And I watch a ton of HGTV.

How about when the KIDS are out of town?! That may up the comment rating from G to PG-13, so I'll just use a winky emoticon ;) heeheehee...

Holly, so funny, you're post. We ALWAYS do Sam's pizza. It's a joke with us b/c I absolutely hate it, and my husband loves it because it's so cheap and easy. In fact, the only reason I like to go to Sam's is because I sometimes make a Duggar sighting (they live here in NWA). My friends and I love 18 Kids... It's fun to spot them in person. I'm always amazed how they have their large group a million times more controlled than my comparably small one.

When he is gone we usually do breakfast for dinner (he hates that) and then I just let the kids sleep in bed with me so that it is easier to get them to sleep and I don't have to sleep alone.

I eat cereal for dinner and watch movies. My mom once had our red brick house painted white while my dad was away and didn't tell him. Boy was he surprised!

Stay up late watching TV (shows I like and not things like "Man vs. Wild, The Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, Ultimate Fighting, and war documentaries") and sometimes fall asleep for the night on the couch.

PS My husband does watch things with me that i like, but when he has his pick it is usually one of the above.

Where do I begin??? I eat leftovers for dinner (my husband doesn't do leftovers), watch shows on DVR (18 Kids is usually on there), and cuddle with the "baby" (aka Buster the Beagle). I could go on forever but I won't because I really don't want to embarrass myself :).

We usually do a McDonalds run, rent a kids' movie for my daughter and I to watch together, rent a girl movie for me to watch myself, and just hang out. I agree - one night is fun but more than that gets super lonely! I still have a hard time going to sleep without him.

Watch You've Got Mail a bizillion times

My Husband works "on-call" a lot. So there are many nights that he is out at the hospital and I have the evening to myself. Most of the time dinner will turn into "Brinner" (Breakfast for dinner). I love cereal. It is quick, easy, and no mess to clean up. I also will watch my Friends DVD's while I catch up on digital scrapbooking.

When Matthew is out of town, I definitely get take out from PF Changs. Also, I get a little scared when alone at night, so I have been known to sleep with "weapons." Matthew came home once from a trip, pulled back his pillow, and found a butter knife. He asked me what harm I was going to do with a butter knife. So embarrassing to admit!

I usually catch up on my Tivo'ed shows, but I find that I clean a lot when he is gone.....nitty gritty cleaning, like closets and cabinets....because I will "listen" to my shows while doing these tasks. When he is home, I always want to be snuggling on the couch enjoying quiet time togther, rather than up to my elbows in organization :)

I am with you on 18 Kids and Counting, I love that show. My husband, not so much, so I watch it when he's not home. I also like to catch up on reading or watching movies that he wouldn't enjoy. But I agree that, although it is nice to have time to myself, after one night I'm definitely ready for him to be home!

I think the biggest change concerns food. I don't plan regular, one meat, two veggie meals. We eat chicken fingers with carrot sticks, pizza or sometimes just cereal! Maybe it's a good thing my husband doesn't go out of town frequently!!

cereal for dinner! haha

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